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Company culture

Connotation of Yuanhe: 
All staff members are united together to struggle for a beautiful future of the company. 

Business philosophy: 
Treat our clients honestly and perfect our products. 
As an honest company with strict quality control system, we provide reliable products and services for customers home and abroad. 

Our tenet:
United, Pragmatic, Realistic and Innovative
Being united is the source of our power;
Being Pragmatic is the road of our development. Under the market-oriented economy, Yuanhe spirit is and will be the powder for all staff members to motivate themselves and move forward boldly. 
Being realistic is the rule of our action.
Being innovative is the foundation of our sustainable development. 

Our value: 
Quality creates benefits. Team interest is above personal interest. 
Quality is viewed as the source for enterprise survival. We try to give priority to product quality improvement. All staff members are required to protect our brand and quality as if they protect their owner eyes so as to continuously improve product quality which promotes company’s development. At the same time, Our Company respects the personal value of our staff members and encourages them to give full play for their own talents in order to show the personal values. However, our company attaches more importance to teamwork spirit and cohesion, and advocates staff members to infuse their own values into the whole team so as to achieve company’s value and personal value at the same time. 

Dony Chan
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